Life of Reilly

Irish Pub

Pub food

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Hours of Operation
Sun-Thu: 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat.: 11am-2am
Bar & Grill
Neighborhood Hang
Dress Code
2031 E. Fairmount Avenue
(Fairmount and Washington)
Butchers Hill

From the website:

Living the life of Reilly has long been synonymous with living life well! The roots of the phrase have many incantations and the true origin is still unknown. The old Irish version retells the lives of the original Reillys from county Cavan who as lords of the land were entitled to mint their own money. The Americanized version dates back to 1915 as a lyric from a patriotic war song and talks of Reilly living well. When you enter our establishment we wish upon you all the things reserved for the Reillys. Feel like you have all the money in the world, that songs of glory have been written about you and most importantly that you have a place where friends will greet you with warm salutation, a cold beverage and a warm meal.

Beers on Tap

Guinness, Smithwick's, Harp, Magners Irish Cider, Evolution IPA, Dogfish Head 60 Minute, Yuengling, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, PBR

Beer in Bottles & Cans

Amstel Light, Bard's Gluten Free, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Dogfish Head 90 Minutes, Flying Dog Raging Bitch, Grolsch Flip Top, Magic Hat #9, MGD 64, Miller Lite, Corona Extra, Natty Boh, Sam Adams Summer

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