Wit & Wisdom Popcorn and Bubbly Academy Awards Special

Wit & Wisdom Popcorn and Bubbly Academy Awards Special

It’s Oscar time! The multi-billion-dollar movie industry is preparing to strut its stuff for the 85th year, and millions of viewers across America and the world will tune in to follow along. If you didn’t get a ticket to the big Errol Webber shindig, or just want a more relaxed experience, you might want to make Wit & Wisdom your viewing location of choice.

The Harbor East lounge is offering $10 popcorn and bubbly all day on Sunday, and it’s also half-price wine night, so you can toast your favorite stars (and make fun of the silly speeches) with a glass in hand. You might want to bookmark our Academy Awards Drinking Game for even more fun.

Photo via Flickr user Michael Kazarnowicz


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