Baltimore's Best Bars for Rum Cocktails

Baltimore's Best Bars for Rum Cocktails

There may be no other spirit that says “summertime” like rum, and there is certainly no shortage of bars in Baltimore shaking and stirring rum cocktails. However, if you want to step outside the typical rum and coke or rum runner, where is a rum lover to turn? Here, check out a few classics as well as some of the freshest and most innovative rum concoctions around Charm City.

Joe Squared: Sure, Joe Squared is known for its, well, square pizza. But did you know they have an extensive rum list as well? Sip it straight or order one of several cocktails with the summery spirit in it. Our vote? The Baltimore Punch, of course. Bartenders mix the house spiced dark rum with triple sec and grenadine as well as lemon and orange juices to create this tasty libation. Yeah, we’re going to say it: with drinks like this, it’s hip to be Squared. (133 W North Ave.; 410-545-0444 or 30 Market Pl.; 410-962-5566)

Wit and Wisdom: There may be no classier rum drink in all of Baltimore than this beauty from Wit and Wisdom. Lead bartender Aaron Joseph created this Hawaiian inspired rum cocktail named Papa Na Pua (translated: Father’s Beautiful Flower) that incorporates hibiscus infused Papa Pilar rum shaken with zesty grapefruit juice, lime and honey. After the deep burgundy colored beverage is poured, it’s then garnished with bright marigold flowers. Father’s beautiful flower, indeed. (200 International Cir.; 410-576-5800)

Ze Mean Bean: Who would have thought this cozy Eastern European staple in Fell’s Point would be serving up top notch rum cocktails? We were surprised too, but we’re sure that one taste of Todd’s newest creation, The Rum Flytrap will have you glad you stopped in to the quaint mainstay. Made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, soda water, house cured rum maraschino cherries, and the juice of that same curing, this spicy sweet beverage may have you trapped right at their bar for happy hour and beyond. (1739 Fleet St.; 410-675-5999)

Hard Rock Cafe: Is there any better place to enjoy a rum cocktail than on the water? Hard Rock Cafe’s pier is the place to go for happy hour from 3 PM–7 PM for a variety of cocktails, many of which incorporate rum. Looking for sweet, smooth and somewhat traditional? Order a Bahama Mama for a tropical feel, with Bacardi Superior Rum, De Kuyper Creme de Banana, Malibu coconut and pineapple and orange juice. Feeling like you need something super cold? Check out the Big Kablue-na, a bright blue frozen treat with Bacardi Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao, lime juice and their pina colada mix. (601 E Pratt St.; 410-347-7625)

Food Market: Hampden has become the place to be for new, hip, and creative restaurants and bars and the Food Market is at the forefront of that revolution. For what we think might be one of the most refreshing rum drinks in town, check out Food Market’s Rum Crush. Cruzan rum mingles with kiwi syrup, watermelon puree and fresh lemonade in this tasty cocktail that might be one of the most perfect combinations for a summer drink. (1017 W 36th St.; 410-366-0606)

B&O American Brasserie: This classy bar and restaurant housed in the space that was originally the B&O Railway headquarters is just the sort of place you’d expect to serve up high class drinks. By all accounts, they meet that expectation. From classic cocktails to creative riffs, B&O has made a name for itself in Baltimore. Check out the E.M.H. daiquiri, a simple yet compelling mixture of Jamaican Appleton Rum, lime, maraschino and a grapefruit gastrique. (2 North Charles St.; 443-692-6172)

Heavy Seas Alehouse: Known for its craft brews, some lovers of Heavy Seas may have overlooked the substantial rum list that the Alehouse offers. After all, what pirate themed establishment wouldn’t have quality rum on its menu? What we really love, though, is Heavy Seas’ ability to mix their well crafted brews with top notch liquor to compose creative beer cocktails, and what better cocktail could there be for them to recreate than a Dark and Stormy? Named “Any Port In The Storm,” the riff on the old favorite mixes the classic Goslings Black Seal Rum with lime juice and house made ginger syrup with their very own Gold Ale. If there’s anything we love in a cocktail, it’s classic meeting creative, and Heavy Seas has hit the nail on the head. (1300 Bank St.; 410-753-1403)

Photo via Joe Squared


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