Celebrate the Summer of Riesling

Riesling is a white grape of German origin that has been used in winemaking since the 15th century. In more recent times, the varietal gained a reputation (at least in this country) as a very sweet wine. However, these dessert-like sips make up only a small percentage of the wide variety Rieslings produced, which may hail from Germany, France, Australia, California or New York. The grape has a very high level of acidity, in fact, and lovers of Rieslings often refer to themselves as “acidhounds.”

The bright flavor of Rieslings makes them perfect for warm weather, and in 2008, a group of acidhounds came together under the leadership of NYC’s Paul Grieco (Terroir Wine Bar) to market the grape throughout the summer. The event has grown over the past five years, and the Summer of Riesling is back for 2012. In Baltimore, both Wit & Wisdom and Pabu (as well as Volt in Frederick) are featuring the varietal throughout the season by pouring three different Rieslings by the glass all summer long.


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