A Unique Spirit, Sake Makes Its Way Into Baltimore

A Unique Spirit, Sake Makes Its Way Into Baltimore

Get ready Baltimore, sake is storming onto the beverage scene and may be coming to a restaurant near you. Already popular in cities such as New York and Las Vegas, this delicious drink is making progress on menus across Baltimore with help from renowned Master Sake Sommelier Tiffany Soto. Tiffany is the beverage director at the Four Seasons Hotel (which means she oversees both Wit & Wisdom and PABU) and is one of only five people in the United States with the Master Sake Sommelier title. With her leadership, PABU already boasts a menu that includes over 100 sake options.

Before you jump on the sake bandwagon, there are a few common misconceptions that should be cleared up. First off, sake should not be served hot nor should it be dropped into a large glass of beer. Sake should be served chilled and in a wine glass, allowing the drinker to enjoy the aromatics and different taste profiles of the beverage. Second, sake is not rice wine, nor is it a spirit; it is a drink with a completely unique and detailed brewing process, one that has been perfected over the past 2,000 years.

There are many reasons why you should consider working a glass of sake into your beverage repertoire: it's low in calories and sugar, and not only is it gluten free, it is also vegan and vegetarian.

If you're looking to further your understanding of sake, we keep your eyes open for a chance to attend a sake tasting class (as we were lucky to). Or just make your way to PABU and ask a wll-informed waiter for suggestions. You can also take a trip to Hampden and get a bottle from the Wine Source with help from their knowledgeable employees. 

Top photo: sake bottles at PABU; bottom photo: Tiffany Dawn Soto


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